I’ve given up on Postach.io. There’s been a huge lack of customer support and maintenance for this service, I still can’t believe I was a paying customer. Support for my custom domain was broken for a few months and I wasn’t even told.

Evernote also hasn’t really improved in the past few years — I still have trouble resizing images and embedding videos in these posts. Medium obviously has a lot more support for rich content, and WYSIWYG holds more true since the content editing happens directly on the website.

Subscribing also doesn’t really exist here, not that it really matters since I don’t have a huge desire to gain traction, but it can be a hassle to have to share to social media just to say I posted something new.

Also, Medium finally has support for custom domains —yay! Please visit medium.com/aimango-stories for continued content on my life, work, and travels.